Backyard Play Space

A backyard garage is transformed into a whimsical play space.

The space features exposed rafters, a clear corrugated roof and Japanese influenced horizontal fencing with a touch of industrial seen in the sliding barn door.

The barn door serves several purposes, it safely closes in the area so the families small children can play under mums watchful eye. The gate is large enough to allow a small car to park easily  in the garage when needed, and it beautifully separates the close quarters of the typical Toronto shared driveway.

Photos by James C Lee

jcl_20151215_6842-edit jcl_20151215_6875-edit jcl_20151215_6917-edit jcl_20151215_7040-edit jcl_20151215_7017-edit jcl_20151215_7045-edit jcl_20151215_7046-edit jcl_20151215_7051-edit jcl_20151215_7056-editIf this is the type of space you’ve always wanted please contact us and we will work to make your dream a reality!

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